Hello There

Hi i'm Bryan Kyritz!
I am a Computer Engineering Student.


More About Me

I am currently a full-time student attending Stevens Institute of Technology.

My Work Experience.

September 2018 - August 2019

True Client Pro


• Developed and managed databases by coding webscrapers to quickly collect, organize, and store data
• Tested the application and recorded bugs in an organized manner
• Trained an intern to update webscrapers, organize data, and manage the database

March 2018 - August 2019

Mayuri’s Floral Design

Wedding Decorator / Delivery

• Led small teams to complete setup and breakdown wedding decorations
• Discovered a new, more efficient way to store equipment in the warehouse

June 2018 - August 2018

Town of Clarkstown

Camp Counselor

• Planned, coordinated, and executed activities to satisfy both campers and the rules
• Settled conflicts between campers and relayed important information to parents


See My Latest Projects.

See all my projects at my Github

Clarkstown South Robotics(FRC)


Find the code Here
FRC Robotics Competition Code for vision, sensors(Gyro, Accelerometer, Limit switches), Autonomous Driving, and Driver Controlled Driving. This is a project I completed as a senior in Highschool.

FRC 2018 New Banking System

JavaScript - Google Sheets

Find the code Here
New banking system using google sheets and google forms to organize, calculate, and log team expenses. Users can use google form on their phones to input the information Aids in the creation of the cost sheet as well as the budget and reimbursements


Swift - Xcode

Find the code Here
My first IOS app built in xCode. It allows the user to search for a destination on the map. When the user arrives to the location the phone will send a notification and ring. This app will be useful for people who use public transport and want to sleep, but want to wake up when they are near their destination. The app also has a calculator.

Easy CNN

Python - Tensorflow

Find the code Here
This app was made by Bryan Kyritz in order to make the implication of Convolutionnal neural network(CNN) for image detection easy for those who do not know how to use tensorflow. This app can only detect if a single object is present in an image or video.

Stevens Class Scheduler

HTML - JavaScript [In Development]

Find the code Here
Website to edit/manage class schedules with algorithms to auto generate schedules based on user preferences.


Node.JS - MongoDB -

Find the code Here Find the website hereHere
Pearl is a Student made web application that allows users to buy and sell products with people around them. Utilizing MongoDB, express, and this application allows users in real time to buy and sell products!


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